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We do not accept returns outside of our terms and conditions. We allow 28 days from the point of delivery to the point of dispatch back to ourselves. For example, a delivery made on 1st March would have until March 29th to return their order to us. Returns deviating from this policy will be sent back to the customer.

  • Is your packaging biodegradable/compostable?
    No, many biodegradable and compostable plastics will not sufficiently break down in the UK's climate. Therefore, we choose to use recyclable plastics or other alternatives like paper.
  • Is your packaging recyclable?
    Yes, mostly. Our branded cardboard boxes and outer polybags are both widely recycled. Additionally, any 'thank you' cards or other marketing materials within your order are made from previously recycled materials. Any tissue paper sent within your order is printed using acid-free and food-safe soy-based ink, meaning that the recyclability is not affected. Our security ribbons are made from a polymer blend and therefore unfortunately not recyclable - we are currently looking into an alternative for this. However, the metallic prongs used to secure the ribbon are recyclable. Although the materials we use are widely accepted for recycling, please verify this with your local authority.
  • Is Abstract The Label as a fast fashion brand?
    We are not a fast fashion brand. As outlined in our core brand beliefs, we always prioritse quality over quantity, releasing luxury capsule collections. We do not base our designs on current microtrends, which contribute to mass consumerism and waste. Instead, we focus on timeless silhouettes using quality materials, at a fair price for both our workers and customers.
  • Are your shipments carbon neutral?
    Yes, all international orders are shipped using our delivery partner DHL are carbon neutral. We are currently reviewing the carbon footprint of our UK orders, with the view to achieve a net carbon neutral figure by early 2023.
  • Are you a vegan and cruelty free brand?
    Yes, we work with manufacturers to ensure that no animal derived products are used throughout the manufacturing process of our garments. This moral stance lies deep within our brand roots, as our founder is both an animal lover and vegetarian. We are working towards getting an established certification to prove our status.
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